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David Shifrin MD is Your Chicago Butt Lift Specialist

A full, voluptuous behind is symbolic of youth, health, and sensuality. Age, gravity, heredity, and weight fluctuations are common impediments to having an attractive, shapely backside. When diet and exercise just aren’t enough, the answer may be buttocks reshaping with implants. Buttock augmentation at David Shifrin MD can sculpt your backside to help create a healthy, curvy silhouette. We strive to deliver the best butt implants Chicago has to offer!

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What are Buttocks Implants?

In patients lacking enough excess fat for fat transfer alone, traditional buttocks implants are used to add volume and shape.

Buttocks implants were first popularized in Brazil and subsequently used in Mexico and Europe. Made of stable silicone gel, the implants have been used safely in the United States for years. The implants are placed through an incision hidden in the native cleft between the buttocks cheeks and are used to lift and project the back side. Dr. Shifrin specifically tailors the choice of implant shape and size to your particular body and desired outcome. In patients who have available excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, flanks, love handles, or back, transferring this fat into the buttocks region to further reshape and add volume in addition to the butt implants is frequently done.

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What are the Benefits of Buttocks Implants?

Benefits of buttock implants include fuller, curvier buttocks and a more shapely figure. In addition to physical benefits, buttocks implants can give a boost to your self-esteem and sexual confidence. The procedure can also help correct for the effects of aging or weight loss. Buttocks implants are often done with breast augmentation to ensure a proportional silhouette.

Attention to Detail

Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shifrin

Your Buttocks Implant Procedure

Dr. David Shifrin became one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons for buttocks implants by making sure his patients love their results. He does this by being personally involved in each case from the initial consultation through recovery.

Starting with your initial consultation, Dr. Shifrin will answer all of your questions and help you craft a surgery plan that’s right for your body and goals. When it comes to surgery day, Dr. Shifrin will insert a silicone implant into each side of your buttocks. These implants are placed through incisions that are made along either side of your gluteal cleft (the crease at which your buttocks meet), making them virtually invisible once your recovery is complete.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Buttocks Implants?

If you are healthy enough for surgery and want a rounder, fuller backside, you are likely a good candidate for buttocks implants. Dr. Shifrin performs hundreds of these surgeries each year and counsels his patients on whether or not buttocks implants are right for them. In most cases, if you are healthy, have a realistic expectation for how you will look post-treatment, and do not have any medical conditions that may impair you from healing properly post-surgery, you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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Buttocks Implant Surgery Recovery

Most of our Chicago buttocks implant patients find it necessary to stop working for a few days and heal following surgery, though the recovery time is usually fairly short compared to more intensive surgeries.

Swelling is a very common side effect during recovery, so you may experience a decrease in the size of your buttocks as you heal. That’s normal and to be expected. Dr. Shifrin will give you step-by-step recovery instructions, a detailed timeline for your butt implant recovery, and his personal cell phone number so you can contact him if you have any questions or concerns. This one-on-one attention is what makes Dr. Shifrin such a trusted surgeon to his patients.

Your Buttocks Implant Surgery Results

Once your swelling goes down and your recovery is complete, you will begin to notice your implants settle into their final position.

However, the end result will still be firm, round, and beautiful. You will notice that your clothes fit differently (you may need to go up a jean size depending on the level of implant you choose), and your figure will feel more proportional. You will also notice a swelling of confidence when you look at your curvy new butt! Butt implant surgery is one of those procedures that gets noticed without getting noticed. People may remark that your figure looks great or ask if you’ve been working out. It seems counterintuitive, but increasing the size of your butt can actually have a slimming effect on your torso. It’s all about proportions!

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Our Chicago buttocks implant patients trust Dr. Shifrin for his expertise, training, and experience to achieve their back side goals.

Discover what others know and visit us for a personal consultation. If you would like to learn more about the Buttocks Implants procedure, click here to request a consultation with Dr. Shifrin today. Alternatively, you can call our office at (312) 502-6200 to schedule your appointment.

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