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Living in a body that feels foreign can be a challenging situation that leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Fortunately, the latest surgical techniques and technology have made gender reassignment more common than before. Common facial feminization procedures in transgender patients include; feminizing rhinoplasty, brow lift, hairline lowering, brow bone reduction, jaw bone contouring and tracheal shaving.

Feminizing Rhinoplasty

The nose can have a dramatic impact on our overall appearance. It is in a central position of the face, and when it is out of balance, it can create disharmony amongst other features. Nose shaping or feminizing rhinoplasty can have a profound effect on the appearance of the entire face. Rhinoplasty surgery utilizes techniques such as cartilage removal, nasal bone manipulation and/or tip shaping. It is designed to improve the appearance of the nose and, in some cases, to improve breathing. Dr. Shifrin uses two techniques, closed and open, to modify nasal architecture.

Female versus Male Nose:

  • Smaller Overall
  • Forehead to nose transition is smoother
  • Nose and lip angle is tilted up

Common Changes Include:

  • Shortening, narrowing, or straightening
  • Eliminating a prominent hump
  • Refining the tip or nostrils
  • Lifting the tip

Brow Lift / Hairline Advancement / Brow Bone Reduction

A masculine brow is located at the level of the upper orbital ridge. It is flatter in shape than a feminine brow and has a strong projection created by an underlying bony ridge. The distance from the top of the eyebrow to the front of the hairline is longer in men than women. Cosmetic surgery can alter these features to provide a softer more feminine brow and forehead region. Brow lift can be performed through hidden scars and an endocscopic camera or through a scar placed within or in front of the hairline. The choice of approach is dependent on the need for bone reshaping and hairline advancement or lowering. Dr. Shifrin will customize each surgery to artistically reshape your entire forehead region and provide a softer more feminine appearance that fits how you feel inside.

Jaw Bone Contouring

The mandible or jaw bone is typically boxy and has a strong projection in the chin region. Females have a softer chin and more of an oval jaw bone shape. Jaw or mandible contouring is performed through scars hidden in the inside of the mouth. The intraoral approach allows for excess bone to be reduced and reshaped to improve the appearance of the lower third of the face. The procedure is performed as an outpatient and can have drastic changes in the facial appearance.

Trachea Shaving

A prominent adam’s apple is present in male necks. A trachea shave (adam’s apple reduction) can be an effective, satisfying and long-lasting solution for MTF patients. A trachea shave can be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures. The surgery generally takes less than one hour and is performed through a small incision in a neck crease. An endoscope (small video camera) is used to locate the vocal cords and mark the location on the neck. This guides us in avoiding the vocal chords and allowing us to remove and contour the trachea cartilage.


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