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Nipple Surgery
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Improving Nipple Appearance Through Surgery

Nipple & Areola Surgery in Chicago with Dr. Shifrin

Attractive, well-positioned, and proportionate nipples are an important goal for any woman looking to achieve a beautiful breast appearance. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nipples or the skin that surrounds them (the areola), you should take the time to learn more about nipple repair surgery at our Chicago cosmetic surgery practice. This small area of a woman’s anatomy can have a big impact on her satisfaction with her breasts. Dr. Shifrin has experience performing surgery to improve the appearance of the nipple and areola. He strives to deliver the best areola and nipple surgery Chicago has to offer. Nipple correction can also be performed as part of another breast enhancement procedure.

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What is nipple/areola surgery?

For many women, their desire for breast enhancement begins with more beautiful nipples.

A simple outpatient surgery can dramatically improve the look of your breasts. Women choose nipple surgery at David Shifrin MD to:

  • Correct inverted nipples
  • Reduce widened areola size
  • Decrease vertical nipple height
  • Treat puffy areolas

Whether you have inverted nipples, protruding nipples, or overly large/puffy areolas, Dr. Shifrin is skilled in helping you achieve a satisfying new look.

Feel Self-Confident

What are the Benefits of Areola and Nipple Surgery?

Inverted, hidden nipples are often more than a cosmetic problem. They can block our ability to breastfeed or enjoy stimulation. Alternatively, large nipples can cause you to feel self-conscious or even physically uncomfortable when wearing thin bras or form-fitting shirts. Similarly, many women with overly large areolas are emotionally uncomfortable in intimate settings. With a nipple or areola surgery, you can feel confident in what used to be uncomfortable scenarios. You will be able to regain your sense of self and feel empowered in your body. Dr. Shifrin is an artist giving you natural, balanced nipples and areolas to compliment your breasts.

Balanced and Even

Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shifrin

Your Nipple and Areola Surgery Procedure

Areola and Nipple surgery takes approximately one hour without further procedures. Local anesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort during nipple reduction. To repair the areola, your surgeon will make minor incisions.

Dr. Shifrin will employ traditional techniques for nipple and/or areola reductions, but each patient receives a highly personalized treatment based on these fundamental principles. During nipple reduction surgery, the natural blood supply is not cut off. Depending on your anatomy and desired changes, your doctor can maintain your milk ducts intact and allow you to breastfeed. This procedure produces two circular and concentric incisions around the areola. The nipple is untouched while "excess" areola skin is removed. The incision is "purse-stringed" closed to provide a permanent size reduction. This procedure may also raise the breasts.

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Your Nipples Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Am I a good candidate for areola and nipple surgery?

Merely addressing the nipple/areola can lead to a more physically appealing breast, but this is often overlooked since breast-enhancing procedures such as breast augmentation or breast lift garner so much more attention. Nipple reduction surgery may be suitable for those who have lost a lot of weight and are self-conscious about how their nipples are now projecting out. Breastfeeding women can still shrink their nipple size if they discover it has grown greatly while getting pregnant. If your nipples are overly big or even projected in size at birth, nipple reduction surgery may be a good option for you. Large nipples may shrink due to this therapy, making them more comparable to the smaller ones on each breast.

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Back at it after a few days

Nipple and Areola Surgery Recovery

After nipple and areola surgery, you may have some bruising, swelling, and pain. You will be offered pain relievers, but over-the-counter medications will also work. Dissolvable stitches are a typical method. Our Chicago nipple surgery patients should expect to rest for a few days following your nipple reduction surgery before returning to your usual routine, which shouldn't take more than a week.

Areola and Nipple Surgery Results

How your body responds to surgery affects how long recuperation takes. Most patients can resume normal daily activities a few days after surgery.

After applying antibiotic ointment, new gauze is put over wounds. Changing gauze daily keeps incisions clean. Frequent walking prevents blood clots. First-week discomfort and bruises are normal but treatable with medications. Scars usually fade and mix with the natural areola border over time. After surgery, our Chicago nipple surgery patients should take it easy for a few weeks, and don't lift anything more than 15 to 20 pounds unless directed differently. Avoid sexual activity and heavy exercise for a few weeks to allow your body to recuperate.

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An Expert in Nipple and Areola Surgeries

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Areola and Nipple Surgery
Frequently Asked Questions

The local anesthetic injection is a bit unpleasant, but the surgery itself is painless. Over-the-counter pain relievers are enough after the operation. Healing takes a few weeks.

Areola reduction surgery is quite safe, although it does include certain risks. This could involve sensory loss, scarring, difficulty to nurse, and infection.

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