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Breast Implant Removal
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Restore Comfort and Confidence

Breast Implant Removal in Chicago with Dr. Shifrin

Breast implants should be updated every 10 to 15 years for women who have them. Some women prefer to have their implants removed and replaced with new ones of a different size or shape (a procedure known as a "breast implant revision"), while others opt for "explantation." Dr. David Shifrin, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, provides an in-depth look at what to expect if you decide to remove your implants. He strives to deliver the best breast implant removal Chicago has to offer. Schedule your consultation to make a plan with Dr. Shifrin to restore comfort and confidence back to your breasts.

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What is Breast Implant Removal?

The surgical procedure known as breast implant removal removes breast implants.

During the process, the doctor may also remove scar tissue or silicone that has leaked from the implant if it is leaking. You may wish to have Dr. Shifrin take out your old implants and put in brand-new ones. Alternatively, you can decide that you do not want implants at all.

Implants Aren't for Everyone

What are the benefits of breast implant removal?

Implants are becoming increasingly popular, but they are not for everyone. For some women, increasing their breast size beyond what they were born with can be uncomfortable and undesirable. As a result, the decision to remove an implant should be taken only after great deliberation. Patients unhappy with their implants can have them removed at our Chicago facility, restoring their natural-looking breasts.

Improve Your Health

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Your Breast Implant Removal Procedure

Dr. Shifrin will review your treatment choices and address any worries or questions you may have at your initial visit.

Implant removal is a safe treatment that may be performed in a surgical center or hospital under general anesthesia. If possible, Dr. Shifrin will use the same incision/scar from your implant insertion. When the implants are removed, your breast will lose volume, resulting in a loose, droopy look. In addition, indentations and other abnormalities are possible. Additional operations, such as a breast lift or fat transfer, can resolve these concerns.

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Safe and Careful

Am I a good candidate for breast implant removal?

A breast implant removal candidate is a woman with implants that harm her physically or emotionally. They might have burst, spilled, or altered places, for example. It's also conceivable that Dr. Shifrin advises that maintaining your implants is no longer safe due to pregnancy, nursing, weight loss/gain, or age. If this is the case, breast implant removal is one option for restoring natural-looking breasts; however, there are others.

Breast Implant Removal Recovery

After surgery, take pain medicine regularly to decrease discomfort. After three-four days, most individuals return to work.

You'll receive detailed instructions for changing bandages, cleaning incision sites, bathing, and other post-op activities. Avoid baths, swimming, and hot tubs for two weeks after surgery. You may shower the following day. Dr. Shifrin, your plastic surgeon, will discuss minimizing infection and its consequences. You may suffer discomfort, tenderness, and sensitivity six weeks after breast implant removal. After three or four days, our Chicago breast implant removal patients can resume normal activities, but avoid the following for six weeks: Lifting five-ten pounds; Exercising (except walking); Stomach or side sleeping. Your surgeon will clear you for exercise and other activities at six weeks. Also, wearing a compression bra for two to three weeks after the treatment is vital to allow tissues to shrink and preserve breast form and lift.

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The Personal Touch

Schedule your Chicago breast implant removal consultation with Shifrin Plastic Surgery today

The reasons for looking into breast implant removal are as varied as they are personal. Dr. David Shifrin and his team at Shifrin Plastic Surgery in Chicago are well versed in assisting their patients in making the best decision for their bodies. Schedule your consultation today to learn more.

Shape, Size, Suppleness

Breast Implant Removal Results

While each woman's outcomes vary, the form and condition of your breasts following explantation are determined by the size of your breasts before augmentation, the size of the implants, and the changes your body has through over the period you've had them. Breast tissue and skin size, shape, and suppleness are all affected by weight loss or increase, pregnancy, and menopause. Smaller implants will generally cause less sagging and drooping, but bigger implants may have stretched the skin, resulting in more apparent sagging.

Furthermore, older women or women who have had considerable weight and hormonal fluctuations will have less collagen and elasticity in their skin, making them less likely to "bounce back." Suppose you have a bigger breast implant removed or are concerned about drooping and sagging. In that case, a breast lift can be performed with the removal, allowing you to maintain confidence in your body and look.

Breast Implant Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Breast implant illness describes a complicated collection of symptoms in breast implant patients. Symptoms include discomfort, rashes, and fibromyalgia. Dryness, itching, and cysts are the results. When women are unhappy with their implants or have issues like capsular contracture, specialists recommend removing them (scar tissue).

Breast implant removal is relatively safe but comes with some risks, like any procedure. Dr. Shifrin will remove your breast implants the same way they were inserted to reduce infection risk and increase safety.

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From the Midwest to across the globe, the compassionate and caring reputation of Shifrin Plastic Surgery being able to produce the best results is renowned. Get to know Dr. Shifrin yourself by scheduling an in-person or virtual consultation today.

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