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Slim and Reshape Your Figure

Liposuction in Chicago, IL, with Dr. Shifrin

Customize your liposuction treatment to your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals with the cutting-edge variations of laser liposuction at Shifrin Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL. We strive to deliver the best liposuction Chicago has to offer! Dr. Shifrin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with the experience, skill, and aesthetic eye to help you attain the look you want using the best method for you.

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What is liposuction?

Remove Excess Fat, Shape Body Contours

By now, you realize that being healthy and looking healthy are two entirely separate concepts. For the millions of us who exercise and diet regularly but haven’t achieved the results we want, there is hope with a plastic surgery procedure called liposuction. Chicago liposuction patients have achieved their body shape goals with this safe and trusted procedure. At Shifrin Plastic Surgery, we offer various liposuction options to suit your individual needs. There is no one size fits all approach in our practice.

Liposuction Options at Our Practice

Tumescent Liposuction

Saline solution, local anesthesia, and adrenaline are infused into the area being treated. This is known as the tumescent technique. This technique allows Dr. Shifrin to maneuver a small cannula, connected to a vacuum machine, to suction away excess fat and improve body contour.

Power Assisted Liposuction

Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is a new technology where the end of the suction cannula vibrates at a rapid speed. This motion loosens the fat cells so that they may be suctioned away gently with less trauma to the surrounding tissues. PAL is performed in conjunction with the tumescent technique. This maximizes the efficiency of fat removal and patient comfort, and it helps to minimize bruising. Advantages of PAL over older techniques include: shorter procedures, less swelling and bruising, quicker recovery, more precise and even contouring, and improved overall safety.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonically-assisted liposuction (UAL) is a compliment to traditional forms of liposuction. Ultrasonic energy is used to break up the stubborn, hard-to-suction fat areas before the traditional liposuction removes the broken-down fat. It is particularly useful in hard-to-treat areas, areas previously treated that have tough scarring, and the fibrous, strong fat pockets present in the chest area of male gynecomastia patients.


Smartlipo™ is an exciting new development in body contouring. It offers fit, active people in Chicago the liposuction treatment they’ve been seeking – one that’s both effective and less invasive. Smartlipo uses a technology called ‘laser lipolysis’ to destroy fat cells. A small surgical wand known as a cannula delivers laser energy to areas of fatty deposits, rupturing and liquefying fat cells. The fat is then suctioned away, resulting in a permanently improved contour. As the laser energy passes from the cannula into the tissues, it seals blood vessels and reduces the bruising and swelling that can accompany traditional liposuction. It also tightens and tones by heating the underside of the dermis of our skin.

Liposuction for Your Lifestyle

While liposuction in Chicago is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, including diet and regular exercise, it can help you look and feel better. During the procedure, Dr. Shifrin uses a specially-designed surgical instrument known as a cannula to break up and remove hard-to-lose pockets of fat. The procedure requires only small incisions and, with modern techniques, swelling and bruising during the recovery period can be minimized. Some liposuction patients may also be candidates for fat grafting, which uses the fat that is removed by liposuction to increase fullness and volume and improve shape in other parts of the body. This is a particularly good solution for women who desire liposuction as well as buttocks reshaping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure that our patients are kept comfortable throughout all of our liposuction procedures. Feel free to discuss any specific concerns with Dr. Shifrin during your initial consultation.

When performed by a licensed plastic surgeon like Dr. Shifrin, these are very low-risk procedures. Dr. Shifrin will go over the risks and the ways to minimize them during your consultation.

Cost is determined by the procedure chosen as well as individual needs addressed.

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