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Revision Rhinoplasty
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Reshaping Your Satisfaction

Chicago’s Best Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Shifrin

Nasal reshaping, or rhinoplasty, is a common surgical treatment that often goes well. Patients may express displeasure if their nose is hooked or has a hump. Chicago revision rhinoplasty expert Dr. David Shifrin often treats patients who have undergone previous rhinoplasty procedures and are still dissatisfied with the results. Additionally, some patients have undergone many procedures and are now experiencing difficulty breathing. Schedule your consultation with Shifrin Plastic Surgery to learn how we can help reconstruct your nose to meet your standards and bring you relief.

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What is revision rhinoplasty?

The nose can have a dramatic impact on our overall appearance. It is in a central position on the face.

When it is out of balance, it can create disharmony amongst other facial features—having an unsatisfactory result after nose surgery is a difficult experience. Revision rhinoplasty can help improve your nose appearance. Common reasons for undergoing a Revision Rhinoplasty Include;

  • Straightening a curved nose
  • Eliminating a prominent hump
  • Fixing a sunken in or “Saddle Nose”
  • Straightening or refining the tip
  • Fixing an over-rotated tip or “Pig Nose”

Additional Reading

A Revision Rhinoplasty Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. David Shifrin provides can have a profound effect on the appearance of the entire face, improving your self-esteem and helping you regain lost confidence. Revision Rhinoplasty surgery utilizes advanced techniques such as rib cartilage grafting, repeat nasal bone manipulation, and/or complex tip shaping. It is designed to improve the appearance of the nose and, in some cases, to improve breathing.

Improved Nasal Function

What are the benefits of revision rhinoplasty?

When it comes to revision rhinoplasty, there are no assurances of clinical success. Experts agree that patients should carefully weigh the advantages and hazards before making a decision. While there is no assurance that a revision rhinoplasty will resolve all concerns, revision rhinoplasty can repair abnormalities caused by structural deficiencies or medical problems. The most essential benefit of revision rhinoplasty is frequently improved nasal function. For many people, revision rhinoplasty can help them come closer to their aesthetic goals and improve their look.

Reach Your Aesthetic Goals

Am I a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty?

Although anybody who is dissatisfied with the results of a previous rhinoplasty is a possibility for revision, the majority of patients who seek a secondary operation want to correct a pinched tip, turned-up nostrils, wrinkles around the nose, breathing issues, and/or a scooped out profile. Due to scarring and reduced cartilage in the nose, revision rhinoplasty is often more challenging than the initial treatment. The procedure is often performed as an outpatient under general anesthesia. If feasible, the same incision patterns will be utilized throughout surgery to reduce the possibility of further scarring.

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Your Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

A revision rhinoplasty is substantially like the first surgery for the patient.

Almost all revision rhinoplasties start with an "open" approach, in which a tiny cut is made across the columella (the bridge of tissue that separates the nostrils at the bridge of the nose). This gives a clearer view of the nose's underlying anatomy. The method then takes one of two paths. The first rhinoplasty may have left things "underdone," necessitating a subsequent removal of bone or cartilage. Alternatively, the nose has been overcorrected, and tissue must be placed back in.

Chicago revision rhinoplasty model with brown hair

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery

Aftercare relies on your unique situation. You can go out that night if a little filler solves the problem. If surgery is required, aftercare gets more complicated. As with other nasal surgeries, recovery takes time, although patients are usually fairly functional within a week. Patients should plan on taking at least a month off from any activities. Swelling following revision surgery is frequently overlooked because it resembles the issue that required revision in the first place.

Revision Rhinoplasty Results

After revision rhinoplasty Chicago patients are typically delighted with their new noses within just two weeks, and full results are noticeable at the three-month point. Even while it may take a few more months for the slight swelling in your nose to completely go away, it is probable that only you will notice the more subtle, final adjustments that have been made to your results.

Experienced and Skilled

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Regardless of your age or prior nose surgery history, Dr. Shifrin has the experience and skill to help you achieve your goal.

As a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Shifrin has been recognized for his advanced education and experience. If you would like to learn more about the Revision Rhinoplasty procedure, click here to request a consultation with Dr. Shifrin today. Alternatively, you can call our office at (312) 502-6200 to schedule your appointment.

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Revision Rhinoplasty
Frequently Asked Questions

Although there is no restriction on the number of revision operations that may be conducted successfully, each treatment comes with its own set of challenges.

A revision rhinoplasty treatment, like an initial rhinoplasty, has its own set of risks. A second surgery may result in temporary loss of scent, skin coloring or bruising, swelling or scarring, breathing difficulties, or the risk of infection or subsequent issues.

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