Prominent ear surgery, medically termed otoplasty, is a procedure designed to shape and reposition the ear. Prominent ears can be a subject of much angst which begins in childhood. Prominent ears are caused by a number of conditions; excess cartilage in the bowl of the ear, lack of a fold at the outer portion of the ear, forward pointing axis of the entire ear and any combination of these problems. Ear surgery involves alteration of these unwanted anatomic anomalies leading to a less prominent, less noticeable ear….one that fits in with the overall facial appearance. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and the cartilage is reduced and/or reshaped. Scars are hidden behind the ear in the groove between the ear and the back of the head and recovery is rapid and pain is minimal. This procedure is most commonly performed on young patients but is also recommended for adults. If a patient has previously undergone a prominent ear correction that was unsuccessful, it can be corrected with meticulous surgical care. During your consultation, Dr Shifrin will explain your specific anatomic problem and how to correct it.

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Regardless of your age or prior surgery history, Dr. Shifrin has the experience and skill to help you achieve your goal of less prominent, naturally balanced ears.

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