When diet and weight lifting are not enough to provide you with the full, defined chest your striving for, pectoral implants may be the answer. Pectoralis augmentation for men is a procedure used to improve contour and profile enhancing one’s physique. Pec implants are used to:

  • Add volume to chest wall musculature
  • Define the contour of the pectoralis muscle
  • Bring harmony to an unbalanced body

    During the procedure, silicone pec implants are placed behind the chest wall muscle through an incision hidden in the armpit. The implants are made of semi soft solid silicone mimicking the natural feel of well-developed muscle. The procedure is short and results are long lasting. Many men combine pec implants with liposuction of the chest wall and abdomen to better define their musculature and bring harmony to their shape.

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