Well defined, full calf muscles are a sign of health and fitness in men. When we aren’t born with the look we desire and diet and weight lifting fall short of achieving our goals, calf augmentation may be the procedure of choice.

Lower leg injuries and muscle wasting illnesses can lead to an asymmetric uneven calves that restrict a mans confidence in wearing shorts. A calf balancing surgery can be performed to help alleviate these concerns.

Calf augmentation is accomplished by inserting a semisolid silicone implant below the muscle covering and above the calf muscle. Scars are hidden in the crease behind the knee, allowing for patients to wear clothes of their choice without concern.

Calf augmentation is performed to:
• Increase calf volume
• Highlight calf muscle definition
• Balance uneven calf size

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Implants come in various sizes and shapes. Dr Shifrin will measure your calf dimensions when planning for your augmentation and customize a plan that fits your anatomy.

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