Male breast reduction surgery, or gynecomastia correction, is an increasingly common and popular procedure, due in part to the increased awareness among men. While in the past, men with excess fat and soft-tissue in this area would struggle with the embarrassment that the condition caused, today the solution is straightforward. Gynecomastia may be associated with obesity, hormonal metabolism imbalance, liver disease, or medicinal causes. At David Shifrin MD, in Chicago, male breast reduction can help you look and feel your best by reducing large breasts, repositioning and changing nipple size and eliminating sagging, droopy skin.

As a man with feminine-looking breasts you’re not alone. Gynecomastia, affects as many as 30% of men. Enlarged breasts can be permanent, uncomfortable, and socially and emotionally devastating, but they can be permanently removed through breast reduction surgery.

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Most commonly, liposuction is used to safely and effectively re-contour the chest. This is performed through very small well hidden incisions. If an excess of breast tissue or excessive sagging skin remains, additional incisions and resulting scars may be required.

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