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Scar Revision

    *Results May Vary

  • Patient 4

    We met this 25 year old woman in consultation for a scar revision. She had a history of abdominal surgery as a child and wanted to improve her resulting scars. We performed a scar revision under multiple procedures in the… more

  • Patient 3

    This 28 year old man had a surgery as a child that removes tissue from his right neck below his jaw. The resulting uneven neck plagued his self confidence as an adult. He consulted with Dr Shifrin for a surgical option… more

  • Patient 2

    We met this lovely gentleman in consultation for a drooping lip. He had a history of a trauma as a child and developed muscle paralysis and scarring over time that left him with an uneven, crooked smile. We performed a… more

  • Patient 1

    This 48 year old firefighter was injured at work. He Consulted with Dr Shifrin for the resulting unsightly forehead scar. He specifically did not like the differences in the levels of skin after the initial cut repair in the emergency… more