A full, voluptuos behind is symbolic of youth, health and sensuality. Age, gravity, heredity and weight fluctuations are common impediments to having an attractive, shapely backside. When diet and exercise just aren’t enough, the answer may be buttocks reshaping with implants. Buttock augmentation at David Shifrin MD can sculpt your backside to help create a healthy, curvy silhouette.

About Buttocks Implants

In patients lacking enough excess fat for fat transfer alone, traditional buttocks implants are used to add volume and shape. Buttocks implants were first popularized in Brazil and subsequently used in Mexico and Europe. Made of stable silicone gel, the implants have been used safely in the United States for years.

The implants are placed through an incision hidden in the native cleft between the buttocks cheeks and are used to lift and project the back side. Dr Shifrin specifically tailors the choice of imlpant shape and size to your particular body and desired outcome.

In patients who have available excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, flanks, love handles or back, transferring this fat into the buttocks region to further reshape and add volume in addition to the implants is frequently done.

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