How long has it been since you stepped out of the shower and saw beautifully contoured, perky breasts in the mirror? Many of our Chicago breast lift patients have seen their breasts slowly migrate south while losing volume and shape. Over time, many women find that their breasts atrophy (lose volume) and begin to sag and droop (medically termed ptosis) with age. Weight fluctuations and pregnancy can accelerate these unwanted breast changes, leaving you longing for the fuller, firmer breasts you once had. For our Chicago patients, breast lift surgery (also called mastopexy) at David Shifrin MD can improve the shape and appearance of your breasts, making them look and feel younger and perkier.

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Why Breast Lift?

Women chose to undergo breast lift surgery for a variety of reasons. The changes that come with weight loss, childbearing, and simply age often result in:

  • Less upper pole breast volume and fullness
  • A lower breast position on the chest
  • Less natural cleavage

In addition, the breast skin can develop stretch marks, the areola can widen in diameter, and the nipple position can lower on the breast. Breast lift with or without breast augmentation in Chicago can help correct all of these changes, thereby returning the breasts to a more youthful shape, position, and appearance.

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