The bra line back lift is a cutting edge procedure designed to improve the shape and contour of the upper and middle back. The uncomfortable excess skin and fat that bunches over the bra strap is an area of concern for many women. Our Chicago patients affected by this problem have benefited greatly from the Braline Backlift.

About Braline Backlift

Despite proper diet and exercise, back rolls and excess soft-tissue laxity of the upper and middle back tend to be difficult to get rid of. This is largely due to the natural aging process, although it can be caused by weight fluctuation and significant weight loss. With the bra line back lift, these rolls of soft tissue and back fat are removed resulting in elimination of the upper back bulge, tightening of the entire back region and smoothing out of the back contour.

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The final scar of the bra line back lift is hidden in the region covered by the bra strap or bikini top. The Braline Backlift is frequently combined with other contouring procedures such as liposuction or buttocks reshaping. If your upper back region is limiting you from wearing form fitting clothes, or impacting your confidence while wearing bathing suits, the Braline Backlift may be the appropriate procedure for you.

During your consultation Dr Shifrin will discuss the procedure in detail and plan your individualized rejuvenation with your specific goals in mind.

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